Really, Really Good Coffee


Without getting into too much detail, here’s how I make morning coffee.


  • Great coffee beans
  • Good grinder
  • Digital thermometer
  • Water filtered for chlorine, not minerals
  • Press Pot


All of these steps are very important:

  • Bring your water to between 200-204 degrees
  • Grind your beans while your water is heating up. You will want a grind somewhere between drip and espresso: fairly fine.  This will end up using less bean for better results.


I make a 48 oz. press pot in the morning.  For this I use a scant cup of beans, or about 80 grams (just under three ounces).  Put the ground coffee into the press pot.  Pour in half the heated water.  (Under 200 degrees does not bring out all of the flavor and oils.  Over 204 degrees and you will burn it.)  Using a neutral stirrer (wood spatula or chopstick), stir the coffee.  It will have swollen and released CO2.  Then add the remaining water.


Put the cover/plunger on but wait a good minute to let the coffee steep.  Then carefully push the plunger down.  Enjoy a perfect pot of coffee every time.



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