It’s true.  In the summer of ’74 and just back from France I got a job as a cook (loose term) at the Watergate Hotel.  One of the room service waiters (Emil?) turned in an order and said it was for those rock stars on the 7th floor.  Who could that be?  Turns out the room was under the name of Stills.  Holy shit, Crosby Stills Nash and Young were staying at the hotel, and ordering room service?  Wow, dam, jeezus.

So Emil asked if I want to deliver the food with him.  Do I ever!  I put on a clean chef coat and went up the room service elevator with him.  As we approached the suite I had second thoughts.  These guys are probably hassled all of the time by fans.  Emil, just get me their autographs, please.

So Emil delivers the food and then asks if he could get their autographs for the chef (loose term) that’s cowering in the hallway.  “Tell him to come in” bellows David Crosby.  Emil waves me in, and there sat Stephen Stills with two young, really young, women on his lap, and David Crosby and Graham Nash at a table playing chess.  Wow, I mean, Wow.

Emil grabs a Watergate envelope and hands it to Crosby, who signs it, and Nash, who signs it.  He takes the envelope over to Stephen Stills, who announces “I don’t sign autographs”.  Jerk.

Emboldened, I approached Crosby and Nash and blurted “Guys, for me there are only three bands.  The Beatles, Poco and CSN&Y at which point Graham Nash asked “What about the Hollies?  Oh, yeah, they were good too.

They then said that they were giving a concert the next night at the Capital Center.  I know, I have tickets!  Well then, come by the suite after the concert, we’re having a get together.  OHMYGOD, I must be tripping!

Went to the concert with four friends, unbelievable.  Awesome.  Headed back to D.C.  Again, second thoughts.  They invited me, but not my four friends, and I didn’t want to abandon them.  Thanks anyway.

The next day hotel security told me there must have been 300 people in the suite.

So what about my near encounter with Neil Young?  Turns out he and Stills were feuding (again) and he got a room on a different floor.  Hey, I almost met him.

* * * *

I need four tickets to his show on April 17th!

* * * *

That’s not the only noteworthy event for me at the Watergate in the summer of ’74.  On August 8th we were herded into the lounge to watch Richard Nixon resign on TV.  If you don’t understand the significance of this, ask your parents.



2 Responses to “I Almost Met Neil Young Once!”

  1. Cable Tie Scott writes:

    Jimmy, you lost me at “playing chess”…

    March 17, 2011 at 9:14 pm
  2. Michael Dellamano writes:

    Damn good to have you back, Chef

    Love ya, Mean it…


    March 17, 2011 at 9:58 pm