Got Our Arses Kicked!

Who reads the newspaper anymore?  Well someone does.  Times Dispatch gave us a nice review and we served more great people at lunch today than most days lunch and dinner.  Then we got packed again at dinner.  Gettin’ too old for this.  (Nah). Times Dispatch review.

Just got an email from the British couple that write fatfoodtaxi.  They blew thru Richmond late last summer, ending a 2 month culinary odyssey.  I was having my usual cappa-latte at Lamplighter when they came by.   They did a great job of documenting their experiences.  Take a look but don’t just keep watching Jimmy Sneed part one and part two over and over.  Their other stuff is awesome too.

Although for a guy with a “nasty temper” and a “greyhound bus sized ego” I gotta say, I sure look good.


One Response to “Got Our Arses Kicked!”

  1. Delores writes:

    Hi, Jimmy! Yeah, you look good! Have enjoyed watching the videos & reading your blog (you always could make me laugh). Glad you & your family are doing great things together. Hi to them for me please. I enjoyed working w/ you guys at Windows on UC. Going back a few years. Here’s to good food, good friends!

    June 29, 2011 at 9:46 pm