Arrogant Crabcake

I had a customer (the wife of a chef) tell me she thought my putting a single cake on a white plate with no garnish was ‘arrogant’. She also said it was better than her husband’s. I always thought it was more about contradictions. My restaurant in Urbanna, VA 25 years ago was a weather worn beach house on rusty stilts. But the view from inside was spectacular. Messing with expectations.

Oh, here’s a link to the ABC TV show from last week on our softshell crabs.


One Response to “Arrogant Crabcake”

  1. Jim writes:

    I was there yesterday for lunch and was surprised by the cake and plate only presentation however forgot what I was thinking after my first bite. I love crabcakes and have gone to making my own as I don’t like breadcrumb cakes yours were wonderful and I will be back for more. As I enjoy eating I always look at every plate I can see when I am out I appreciate your lack of “flair” on the plate and alowing the diner to enjoy the beuty of fresh well prepared food without confusion

    June 25, 2009 at 12:06 pm